We are not a cookie cutter “studio”! It’s your picture and as such needs to reflect your individual personality, style and vibe. There cannot be a single pose or lighting set that suits every body type or skin complexion. We are committed to listening to you, your needs, your vision and inspiration and then creating exactly what you want from the portrait. If you don’t have a vision…that’s OK too, we will enjoy helping you realize one.

Family, Couples, Single, Pets of all kinds. From formal to casual, from fun or silly to serious or contemplative…You name it; we will make it happen. Let us help you create the photographic memories that you will keep for a lifetime. We want nothing more than to reflect who you are and what your passions are no matter what!

Whether we are doing an on-site location shoot in a beautiful spot, or using one of our thousands of backdrops, we have the price, package and portrait experience to fit your needs and best of all, we bring it all to you!


We do have the ability to “Glam” up your portraits if that’s what you are looking for. Acne break out just before your shoot, a scratch on your face, sudden pre-shoot rash, new hair color not quite what you wanted, a little stomach pooch you aren’t fond of, braces you wish you had off, too pale…you name it, we can glam it and still keep the portrait true to who you are. Everyone knows that the model or superstar on the front of a magazine did not really look that way when the picture was taken. Now, you can have those same effects and touchups done to your pictures! Ask for a quick demo after your shoot!

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