Whatever the age, no matter the number.

Are you a celebrating a birthday, bar mitzvah, bat mitzvah, sweet sixteen or the big 5-0? Maybe you’re honoring decades of blissful marriage with a gold, silver or platinum anniversary celebration. Birthdays and anniversaries are huge milestones for every family and are deserving of only the highest quality, professional photos. Often times, people are so busy taking pictures at their own celebrations they forget to actually celebrate! So this year, sit back and relax at your next party, with the help of our professional photography team. Our expert party photographers offer the best in event photography and candid photography coverage. From a loved one’s heartfelt toast to the big candle blowout, we effortlessly capture the joy, laughter and tears of every memorable moment. Our photojournalistic style guarantees relaxed, natural photographs to bring out the true essence of your celebration. Invite I Just Snapped to your birthday or anniversary, and cherish this year’s celebration for all the years to come.

We offer on-site photography for birthday and anniversary parties. It’s the perfect way for every guest to feel special at the party and the perfect take-home gift for afterwards. During the party, our team will set up a small portable photo studio at your home or party venue. As your guests arrive, each couple, individual or group is asked to pose for the camera. Within seconds, our state-of-the-art equipment creates the photo. As the celebration continues and the guests keep pouring in, the pictures keep printing out. As soon as all the photos are complete, they’re set up on a display table for your guests to pickup before they leave.

We also provide outstanding candid photography and portrait photography coverage of your family and event. Behind every image we take are years of experience and a commitment to professionalism.

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