The night you wish could last forever, now can.

When it comes to your most memorable high school party, prom tops them all. You’ve waited four long years and you want it to be perfect. So let I Just Snapped make it happen. We offer top-quality, professional prom photography services, like candid and on-site digital photos. So all you have to worry about is having the night of your life.

Our on-site instant digital photos are an exciting way to start the night and the perfect gift to take home. The experience begins as everyone arrives at the prom. Each couple, individual or group of friends will be asked to pose for the camera in our Portable Photo Studio. Within seconds, our state-of-the-art equipment creates the photo. As soon as the all the photos are complete, they're set up on a display table for everyone to pickup before they leave. The best part? You can pick a style and color scheme to match your prom’s theme. There are hundreds of borders, text and frame styles to choose from or customize your own!

Our candid photography is the best way to catch all the action throughout the party. While you’re busy dancing, laughing and partying with your friends, our prom photographer is there to capture all the unforgettable moments.

Once the night ends, all of your candid photos will be available to enjoy online, in our Event Gallery. Guests can view the pictures, download them and share them with their friends and family

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