Ever miss the electricity of your kids big play because you were taking a picture?

Wish you could get the great action pics you know you could get from the sidelines?

Been frustrated by all the spectators that end up in the photos you take of your player?

Wanted to relax and watch the game or event, but wanted to catch the moment in pictures?

Gotten caught up in the moment and forgotten to snap that great winning shot?

ijustsnapped.com  has got it covered!

Hire one of our trained sports photographers to focus on your player during the game!

Many great offers and group offers available for huge savings!

Get fantastic action shots and candid sideline memories!

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Let our team take care of yours.

I Just Snapped offers sporting event photography and print services for junior sports teams, no matter what age or level. Whether they’re just learning to hit a ball or winning league championships, every team deserves quality, professional team photos. Our photographer will come on-site to capture the team and individual photos as they pose in their own environment. It’s the perfect photo to put in their bedroom or on the mantle.

We’re the best players in our field.

At your next professional sporting event, there’s only one photography company you need to call on. I Just Snapped sports photographers capture every edge-of-your-seat moment. Our experts get right in the action, making sure you get exactly the shots you need. Thanks to our years of experience and photographic skills, our photo quality is unsurpassed for a price you can’t beat. They’re perfect for high-resolution reproduction, print publications, websites and marketing material.

Sporting Event Sponsorship that’s on the ball.

Just when you thought you couldn’t up the excitement level at a soccer tournament, hockey game or major sporting event, you can! Let your company become the sponsor of our unique on-site digital sporting event photos. These gift photos make memorable take-home souvenirs and are always a great hit. As guests arrive at the venue, each individual or group will have the exciting opportunity to pose for the camera in our portable photo studio. Within seconds, our state-of-the-art printer creates the photo, enabling each guest to walk away with their souvenir keepsake, compliments of your company.

As a sponsor of the photo, you are able to tastefully brand these photo to reflect your company and message. We can include your logo and text onto the picture. So instead of having your sponsorship money spent only on signage, why not have each guest leave with your logo and sponsored picture in their hand? This will give a lasting impression, furthering your sponsorship money and most of all, corporate image.

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