I Just Snapped on site photography is an instant, unique, exciting and interactive photo experience for any event! These exciting instant printed photos help your event stand apart from all others and you give your guests a memorable and lasting impression. We offer photos perfect for any event, with unlimited background themes to choose from and customizable borders and text for that special message to your guests.

With I Just Snapped, you will be getting the highest quality photographic services. Behind every image we take are years of experience and a commitment to professionalism. Our skilled photographers work in a digital format, guaranteeing you the finest quality and highest resolution images possible.


I Just Snapped, uses the latest green screen technology, where we digitally super-impose you and your guests into any virtual background to suit your theme.


Make your photos unique and consistent to your theme by working with our graphic designers at no extra charge! Our graphic design specialists will work directly with you to provide you with a customized border for your photographs, along with appropriate text and logos. A well-designed border will enhance your photographs, leaving your guests with a photo that will truly set your event apart from any other.

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